Chocolate mousse

This chocolate mousse is light and creamy with the pure taste of Belgian chocolate. Thanks to its XL packaging, it is easy to share with the whole family. A true classic loved by many!

Choose between creamy milk chocolate mousse or intense dark chocolate mousse. 

Dessert cups

The dessert cups are filled with a delicate chocolate or fruit mousse, on top of a layer of crunchy crumble and covered with a tasty topping. Deliciously decorated with Belgian chocolate.
Perfect for every sweet break!

Available in chocolate, raspberry and mango/passion fruit. Also available on demand in a large range of flavours for your private label.

Pots de crème

 A creamy pudding that will melt in your mouth. A real moment of indulgence just for you!


the cup is filled with a delicate chocolate or fruit mousse covered with a tasty topping and deliciously decorated with Belgian chocolate.
Perfect as a small snack at home or on the way!



The mini-bavarois is a delicate chocolate or fruit mousse on top of a soft butter biscuit, covered with a delicious topping and decorated with Belgian chocolate. Perfect to accompany your coffee or to make a dessert platter in just seconds.

Individual 1.06-ounce dessert portions with a personalised wrapping in a resealable package.

Lava cakes

The crackling crust and deliciously tender chocolate core will make everybody indulge.
Perfection in a ceramic pot.